Does Bamboo Period Underwear Really Work?

bamboo menstrual underwear

Well, nothing can ruin a woman’s day faster than knowing you have your period and you have to go to work, school or anywhere outside your home for that matter! Having periods is bad enough by itself, let alone all the stress and worry when you know you have to be out in public. This is especially true for those women that have really heavy periods. There can always be the danger of leaking through your pads or tampons and being stuck with embarrassing blood stains on the back or front of your clothes.

Most women usually find a solution to these issues, but it is always a worry in the back of their mind when they know an accident might happen. You can ruin countless pairs of underwear from blood staining and it can get really frustrating! If you are a tampon user, then you know wearing a pad or pantyliner is always a smart idea just for that added protection. If you are a pad user only, then you might buy even bigger pads to keep from bleeding through onto your clothes.

There really isn’t a lot that can be done about periods, they come and they go every single month for most women. It is an endless cycle of bleeding that lasts for years and years of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an underwear that actually helped with preventing leaks? Actually, there is!

Underwear made from bamboo fabric have become extremely popular for those that deals with periods.
Bamboo is so naturally absorbent, it is the perfect material to use for period underwear. Bamboo menstrual underwear have a waterproof layer that is in between outer and inner layers of fabric. This lining is usually positioned exactly where you need it from front to back of the crotch area. These underwear can be designed a little differently from brand to brand, so you will need to search for the style that is just right for you.

Most of the area of protection will extend from low in the front to all the way up to the waistband of the panty in the back. You can find some styles the include a hidden pocket in the top front of the underwear. The pocket is ideal for keeping an extra pad or even a heat pad that could help soothe menstrual cramps!

The main feature however is the leakage protection these underwear can provide for you. If you leak through your tampon or pad, no worries! You and your clothes will be protected until you can get to a bathroom.

You might think that these underwear are bound to be the ugliest, most uncomfortable things on the planet, but that could not be further from the truth! Since bamboo fabric is one of the softest that you will ever put against your skin, you won’t be disappointed in the way they feel when you wear them. You can get them in all kinds of lovely colors and styles just like any other panties. They have stretchy fabric bamboo blends that make them provide a great fit for anyone!

Yoyi Fashion Bamboo Period Underwear

This brand of menstrual underwear has great reviews and is made of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex. It comes in a pack of 2, 3, or 5 different colors and you won’t have to worry about leaking through your underwear from spotting or light discharge. As with any pair of menstrual panties, you still want to make sure you use tampons or pads if you’re doing anything more than simple spotting, though!

Natratouch 3 Pack Natural Bamboo Period Underwear

This set of period underwear from Natratouch is cute and functional. It’s silky to the touch, naturally hypoallergenic, and will keep your temp regulated so you’ll be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It comes in a gift box.

Reian Leak Proof Period Underwear

This set of 3 pairs of period underwear features full coverage all the way up and down the backside and the protection extends farther up on the front than other brands. Whether it’s just your period you’re worried about or other types of incontinence issues leaking through your clothing, these are just what you need.

Natratouch 3 Pack Cotton & Bamboo Period Panties

This is another nice boxed set of period underwear. The underwear itself is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, but the fabric that’s going to protect you from leaks is 82% bamboo and 18% polyester.