Bamboo Sheets vs Linen Sheets

These days many of us get precious little time to lounge in bed, but when we do, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world! Whether it’s sliding into a cool, clean bed at night after a long day at work or taking that rare day to just lie abed and watch some TV and cuddle up with a loved one, we want it to be special. Nothing does special better than making sure the sheets on the bed make us feel like we’re wrapped in luxury.

The bed we sleep and rest in is one of the things that make home really feel like home. That’s why it’s important to take special care when choosing the sheets that we put on it. However, picking the best sheets to meet your bedding needs is easier said than done because there are so many different kinds available. It’s hard to decide whether you want to go with linen or something a little more exciting.

What you don’t want is to invest in sheets that don’t last. You don’t want sheets that will get those fuzzy little balls called pilling all over them after they’ve been washed a dozen times. Even when you purchase very expensive linen sheets with a higher thread count, they still won’t offer you what a better bamboo sheet can offer you!

Bamboo fabric have gained tremendous popularity in recent years and with good reason. Bamboo fabric offers something that other fabrics do not. Here are just a few of the reasons you should look into Bamboo sheets before you buy new ones.

Bamboo Sheets:

Have a silkier, more cashmere like feel than linen
Can have the same thread count as linen sheets, yet feel lighter and thinner
Control moisture much better than linen because it breathes better
Emit less odor because they repel moisture better than linen, means fewer washings
Have anti microbial properties that linen sheets do not
Very sustainable product that is being used in many ways to aid our environment
Can help resist allergens like dust mites

These are the main reasons that choosing bamboo sheets over linen is a great idea. Even though bamboo sheets can be a little pricier than many linen sheet sets, bamboo will last longer because it is more durable over all. Most people do not mind paying a little more when they know they are getting a better product that will hold up over time. Less washing means they will last longer. You use less detergent and less water because they will stay fresh feeling and fresh smelling longer than typical linen.

If you are someone that is prone to allergies, then the anti microbial properties that bamboo naturally provides, sleeping on these sheets can be an even better investment for you. If you are prone to might sweats or just get hot easily when you sleep, bamboo offers moisture resistance that you just can’t get from any other sheet material. Having a cooler, dryer sheet means you will sleep better!

Len Linum European Pure Organic Linen Sheets

These sheets aren’t cheap-o, but they’re 100% organic and made from natural flax. They come in multiple different colors and sizes include Full, Queen, Eastern King, and California King. Quality like this isn’t easy to find.

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha brand sheets are always high quality and these bamboo sheets are cool, soft, breathable, and are available in 5 different colors and 5 different sizes.