Bamboo vs Cotton Socks

Not everyone cares that much about what kind of socks they wear, but for some other people, socks can be a very big deal. For those that have feet that sweat easily, you can have moisture issues that can lead to all sorts of foot fungus, which can be bad enough on its own, but it can also cause embarrassing foot odor! Depending on where you work, you just can’t have that.

Athletes likely know a great deal about foot fungus and odor. People that work on their feet all day like a waiter or waitress, nurses, store clerks and many more professions know what it’s like to need soft and comfortable socks. You can have great shoes that help keep your feet from becoming too tired and provide the support you need, but the sock is what is directly on the skin of your foot so you need that to be a great fit and do its part too.

When people have certain conditions with their feet and legs that can be very serious, like being diabetic or having poor circulation, the socks they wear are extremely important. Feet and leg swelling can be a difficult thing to deal with. The right socks and shoes can make all the difference in keeping your feet and legs in the best possible condition.

The most popular socks that people buy are made of cotton. You can buy them in varying thickness and styles. Cotton socks usually look and feel great when you first wear them, but after a few washings and normal wear, eventually they will stretch out of shape. If they are ankle or calf socks, the leg will stretch and fall down. That is so annoying and once the leg band is done, it’s time for the trash or rag bag! Cotton socks also do nothing to help prevent moisture when your feet sweat. They have no fiber in them to even remotely help with any bacteria that starts to form that causes foot fungus and odor. This is why some people that have feet issues keep an extra pair of socks with them so they can change them if needed.

Buying socks made with bamboo fiber can be a great alternative to cotton for those looking for a better sock and here is why! Bamboo naturally has moisture resistant properties. Not only that, but it also naturally repels bacteria! Wearing socks that have a large content of bamboo fiber in them can greatly help those with feet issues. Bamboo socks are so soft and cushy, they feel more like cashmere on your feet than plain old cotton. Bamboo fabric is more breathable than cotton too. When there is less moisture in your sock, you will have less odor, a lot less odor!

The great thing about bamboo vs cotton socks is that they are really no more expensive to buy. If you have feet issues and are picky about the socks you wear, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by trying bamboo socks. They are found easily online and in more styles and colors than you can imagine!