Bamboo vs Down Duvets

The duvet on your bed is something that usually makes the boldest statement in your bedroom. It might have a beautiful print or pattern, or it could be your favorite solid color. However, when you buy a duvet for your bed, how it looks should not be the only factor involved in making the purchase. How it feels will ultimately end up being what matters to you the most. After all, if it isn’t comfortable to sleep under, you aren’t likely to be very satisfied with your choice.

Duvets filled with down are meant to be light and fluffy feeling so they don’t weigh down on you when you are sleeping underneath them. A duvet can be purchased to use alone or you can purchase a duvet with a duvet cover so it can be washed separately. This means that the outer duvet cover can be removed and washed so the entire duvet that holds the down, or feathers, does not have to be washed that often. Some people like duvets with removable covers because it will make the actual duvet last longer. Less washing means the down inside the duvet will stay fluffy and lighter longer.

One of the drawbacks to down filled duvets is allergens. Many people can be allergic to the feathers used in the down filling. This is one reason why many are turning to duvets filled with viscose bamboo.
Bamboo is generally hypoallergenic for most people and this can be a big deal for allergy sufferers.

Other reasons more and more people are turning to fabric items made from bamboo is that bamboo is a very renewable source. The fabric can be thinner, yet still be extremely durable and long lasting. This means the fabric and filling used in bamboo duvets will be very light and similar to a down filled duvet. The bamboo fill and fabric is also very breathable. It is usually about three degrees cooler than cotton! That is a big deal for anyone that might have hot flashes or night sweats. They are very nice if you live in humid climates.

The softness of bamboo on a duvet or duvet cover is also a great reason for investing in one. Bamboo is known for its silky, cashmere like feel. It is thought to be much softer than even a brushed cotton fabric and can easily compete with satin or silk. When you use the softest, most cuddly fabrics available to make up your bed, it will naturally be more inviting and more comfortable. Choosing a bamboo duvet can be just as cost effective as buying one made with down. All price ranges are available and there are just as many styles, sizes and colors to choose from.