Benefits of Bamboo Fabrics

bamboo fabric benefits

While bamboo fabric has become more widely known because of the benefits it offers when combined with other natural or man made materials, it still has a little way to go before it can live up to its reputation as completely eco friendly. Even though bamboo is fast to reproduce and can be utilized in many ways, the viscose process that is used to make the fiber from bamboo useful, dissolves the pulp with what is know as aqueous sodium hydroxide and is in the presence of carbon disulfide. However, even when the process is not entirely eco friendly at the moment, better methods of production are being tested. It is hoped that a truly environmentally method of manufacturing bamboo fiber will come along very soon. In the meantime, using bamboo is still a good choice because it is as least very renewable and plentiful.

So, What Makes Bamboo Fabric So Great?

A variety of textile items are now being produced using a percentage of bamboo fiber. One of the most popular items at this time are bamboo pillows. They are being discovered to be cooler than plain microfiber pillows when the outer casing have been made using fabric with bamboo fibers. They are said to be antimicrobial to a certain degree because the bamboo itself has been shown to have these properties. It can also reduce moisture when a normal pillow will become hot a damp feeling during the time you sleep on it.

What Do These Items All Have in Common?

Towels – Quilts – Socks – Underwear- Mattress Toppers – Sheets – Pillows

As you can see, these items can all develop microbial contamination for a couple of reasons . Any of these items can become damp because of their specific use with water, like a towel, or close contact with the body like mattress toppers, quilts, sheets, pillows, socks and underwear. Having these items made with a percentage of bamboo fibers can help reduce the risk of contamination caused by heat and dampness. Bamboo naturally repels microbial organisms. The exact extent to which bamboo fabrics repel these microorganisms is not completely certain, but there is definitely no doubt as to the effectiveness it offers for keeping your you cooler, more comfortable and dryer!

Are Products Made With Bamboo More Expensive?

As with many products like cotton or silks, the cost of what you buy in bamboo fabrics can vary a great deal. Sometimes it cost will be determined by the manufacturer name of the product. The workmanship or country of origin may also have an impact on price. Just like when you are buying any other product, fabric or otherwise, it is usually best to do your own research and find the best buy for the best quality!