Benefits of Bamboo Pillows

bamboo pillow benefits

When it comes to being rested and ready to go when you wake up in the morning, most people think it is only the mattress they sleep on that ensures this. Many other people will tell you that the pillow they rest their head on at night plays just as big a part! Try sleeping on a pillow that just isn’t right for you and you will definitely know it!

Old Fashioned Pillows Just Don’t Work

Sleeping on a bad pillow can cause you to wake up with with headaches, neck cramps and even stiff or aching shoulders. It can make a horrible start to any day. In the past you really didn’t have a lot of selection available when it came to choosing a pillow. There were the old fashioned down or feather pillows. They could become flat in no time and the little feather quills could be pretty annoying poking through into your skin. Then came foam rubber bits. They were more comfortable, but they could become uneven and lumpy, and after a time, even they would flatten.

Memory foam is the most modern pillow, but many say that they can be a little hard and unyielding. So now, shredded memory foam has become very popular. Shredded memory foam provides a lot of support, holds it shape better, yet allows the flexibility to adjust to the many different sleeping positions you move into during the night. The thing about memory foam pillows that bother many people is that after you have rested your head on them for a little while, they can become too warm because they hold in body heat. Sleeping on a very warm or hot pillow causes restlessness for some. They can be damp or even wet if they cause sweating during the night.

A Bamboo Pillow Could Be The Perfect Choice

So what is the answer to getting your perfect pillow? You might think it sounds crazy, but have you considered a bamboo pillow? Many people have tried them already and they are not anything like you may be thinking. Real bamboo is processed and the fibers can be combined with natural or synthetic fibers to make a casing. This casing is usually over the memory foam bits, but helps keep your pillow soft and cool while you sleep!

There are some antimicrobial benefits associated with bamboo pillows as well. Studies show that the bamboo itself has slight antibacterial properties because of a substance in the bamboo called lignin. When the bamboo fibers are woven in with other materials to create the fabric for casings, it can provide some resistance to microbes that cause many to have allergy symptoms. While the pillow casing itself is certainly no cure for those with allergies, it could help because your nose and mouth are always close to your pillow. Bedclothes, as most of us know, can become contaminated with dust mites and other unsanitary particles that contribute to allergies. When your pillow naturally repels these things, it can be beneficial.

What To Look For In Your Bamboo Pillow

When choosing your bamboo pillow, you will want to go with a brand that already has a good reputation. Look for a good amount of Viscose of Bamboo that is included in the making of the pillow casing. Be sure and get the right sized pillow for your bed, but more importantly the pillow size that best fits your head! You also want a pillow that has a removable casing that is machine washable. While it is good to have a pillow that is totally washable, more often than not you will only want to wash the outer casing.