The Best Deep Pocket Flannel Sheets for 2018

Who doesn’t love the warming, yet gentle feel of cozy flannel on cold fall, winter and early spring days and nights when the chill of winter proclaiming it’s majesty.

Often associated with cuddling up with that special someone for one of the most comfortable nights sleep, keeping you as snug and comforted as you were as a child.

But, What Is Flannel Exactly?

Many people have the misconception that flannel is the same as plaid, but that’s truly not the case. While flannel is a soft cloth that is made of wool or cotton, plaid is a fabric pattern. Flannel is often made in plaid patterns, but it’s the cloth itself that makes it flannel. It’s soft and breathes well, but still manages to hold in heat at a rate higher than other fabrics.

Flannel sheets are an American staple that are known for comfort and warmth, and one of the best value sheet sets on the market today.

How Do You Know You're Buying Quality?

The quality of the fabric determines the quality of the flannel.

If you are looking at the difference between flannel made from high quality cotton as some Portuguese Flannel is compared to general staple cotton, the cotton blend has a lot to do with the quality. Some fabrics that are called flannel are actually made with wool or even synthetic fibers, but the highest quality flannel that you can get is from Portuguese cotton.

One of the easiest ways to know the quality is the weight of the fabric used. Flannel sheets should have a GSM of 170 or higher to be considered a quality set. GSM is also known as gm/2 or grams per square meter. It is the metric measurement of a weight of fabric.

Lesser quality does not always equal low quality, however. Baby blankets are made with light weight flannel for obvious reasons and can still be high quality for what they are used for. There are many variables, but we are here to help as promised.

Here are the best deep pocket flannel sheets.

MALOUF Woven Deluxe Portuguese Flannel Sheets – 4 Piece Set

The romantic hill towns of northern Portugal have produced the worlds finest cotton flannel for well over a century.

MALOUF has once again produced an exceptional product that will bring back those childhood memories of flannel we all cherish so much.

Crafted by experts in the northern Portuguese mill cities, these flannel sheet sets give you that incredible softness that makes you feel all cozy inside without sacrificing warmth or durability.

This incredible sheet set is a 100% brushed cotton weave that is so soft it’s like sliding your hand across velvet, giving you a blissful and cozy nights sleep.

The 190 gram weight gives you comfort year round. I find it to be the best weight that I have used. Not too light, but not so heavy that it’s smothering instead of comforting. It’s almost like being lightly hugged with love all night.

MALOUF Brushed 100% cotton flannel sheets are velvet-soft and warm

Here’s the details.

Deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths 6”–-18 inches

UNIVERSAL FIT design with ultra-thick elastic ensures a secure fit

King sheet set includes one 108″ x 102″ flat sheet, one 78″ x 80″ fitted sheet, and two 20″ x 40″ king pillowcases

Pointehaven Heavy Weight Flannel Sheet Set, Ankara

This beautiful blue and brown motif really draws your heart to it’s incredible warmth.

Many queens, dignitaries and the well to do used to pay premium prices for the comfort, warmth and luxury of flannel cotton sheets as far back as the 1700’s.

Now you can sleep in the quality of and luxury of the elite without breaking the bank, even if you have a king size bed

Pointehaven Heavy Weight Flannel Sheet Set, King, Ankara

Tribeca Living 200-GSM Plaid Printed Deep Pocket Flannel Sheet Set

Made from 200 gram cotton, this heavy weight plaid sheet set displays a beautiful 3 color pattern of cream, black and red that is pleasing and comforting in and of itself.

It’s brushed multiple times to give that deep, rich and luxurious experience we all crave from top quality flannel sheets, the added weight makes for a very warm sleep.

If your main goal is warm, this is the set for you.

These cotton flannel sheets fit up to 24 inch deep beds. Pretty impressive considering the price.

Tribeca Living 200-GSM Plaid Printed Deep Pocket Flannel Sheet Set, Queen Size

Tribeca Living Medallion Printed Deep Pocket Flannel Sheet Set

This bright and cheery set can help keep your spirits up while babying you into a blissful sleep.

Perfect for the afternoon nap on that cold winter day or for the long nights that dip down in to cuddle temps.

Brushed multiple times to ensure that silky softness that helps make flannel what it is to so many people.

This lovely set fits up to 24 inch deep beds.

Tribeca Living Medallion Printed Deep Pocket Flannel Sheet Set, Twin X-Large

Laura Ashley Flannel Queen Sheet Set, Victoria

One of the most coveted brands in the world is Laura Ashley, and she hit the mark with this incredible flannel sheet set.

Multi brushed for that soft, happy feeling from quality cotton flannel sheets, but at 160 gram weight, it’s a much lighter fabric, which is perfect for people who often sweat at night while sleeping.

Not too warm, never too cold. Perfect for the person who likes a lighter covering while sleeping, but keeping the things you always loved about flannel sheets.

Tribeca Living 200-GSM Micro Multicolor Plaid Printed Flannel Sheet Set

The beautiful classic plaid look and feel in multi-color, cozy warmth for you and your bedroom.

This set is made from a 200 gsm fabric that is as soft as it is warm. Imported high grade cotton makes sure it not only warm and comfy, but tough enough to last a lifetime if cared for properly.

If you love warm, the classic plaid and a heavy material that will last, this is your perfect set.

Fit’s beds up to 24 inches deep.

Tribeca Living BGPL200EDSSQU 200-GSM Micro Plaid Printed Flannel Sheet Set, Queen, Multicolor

Tribeca Living 170-GSM Stripe Printed Deep Pocket Flannel Sheet Set

I absolutely adore the stripe design on these flannel sheets. They are made from 100% cotton blends made for both strength and comfort.

The feel, weight and the warmth brings you back to the cherished moments of crawling into a warm and cozy bed as a child.

This set feels so good you want to act like you’re doing a snow angel on your bed just to touch as much of the surface of the sheets as you can.

Our boys love them.

Tribeca Living 170-GSM Stripe Printed Deep Pocket Flannel Sheet Set

Heavyweight Flannel 100% Cotton Sheet Set, 4PC bed sheets 170 GSM

These sheets fit beds up to 16 inches deep.

Many people who purchased and reviewed this product state that it’s “as soft was butter”.

The tones of the coloring is more earth tone and calming, They shrink very little when washed and stay put instead of sliding all over the bed. This is plus that I find very appealing to myself and my children.

The price is pretty fair too, so another bonus.

Best heavyweight Flannel 100% Cotton Sheet Set- King, Blue, 4PC bed sheets 170 GSM

Pinzon Heavyweight Flannel Sheet Set

Lovely and warm sheets for winter, unbelievable comfort, not too heavy and soft. When you lay your face against these sheets, it may remind you of a young kitten or puppies fur. So fine, so velvety.

Not much lint loss in the first wash/dry cycle. The lint filter was reasonably clean for a first round with flannel.

Less pilling is another great benefit, making your sheets last much longer.

This is a steal at the prices they are now offering this set at.

Velvet flannel deep pocket sheets provides luxurious softness in a breathable weave

Laura Ashley Flannel Queen Sheet Set, Victoria

Extra soft 180 GSM 100% cotton flannel. This flannel sheet set will make you feel like you have fallen into a cloud.

They are soft, luxurious and warming while engaging you visually with a variety of fun and sophisticated prints. They have enough weight to make sure of quality and durability coupled with warmth, while remaining light enough to not weigh you down.

Perfect for the entire family during the colder months of the year.