Egyptian Cotton vs American Cotton

When it comes to fabrics the best way to put it is that there is Egyptian cotton and then there is everything else. Egyptian cotton stands as one of the finest fabrics that you can find anywhere. Many people experience sticker shock when they first see the price tag that comes with most Egyptian cotton sheet sets. They think that the price must be ridiculous. After all, Egyptian cotton is just American cotton with the word Egyptian slapped on, right? Wrong. Egyptian cotton is an amazing material with its own unique properties. Here are the ways that Egyptian cotton out classes American cotton and why it is worth every single penny.

Point of Origin

One difference between American and Egyptian cotton starts at the place of origin. Obviously, Egyptian and American cottons are made in their respective namesakes. Egyptian cotton, on the other hand, is derived from an entirely different species of cotton plant and is a unique result of the Egyptian climate. The properties of that climate create a cloth that is totally unique compared with other cloths.

Longer Fibers, Higher Quality

One of the biggest things that sets Egyptian cotton apart from American cotton is the fact that the plant that Egyptian cotton is made from features longer fibers than American cotton. This means that when those strands are brought together to form the fabric the fabric will have a higher durability. A longer fiber ultimately means that the fabric will be much more durable than standard upland cotton. The fabric will actually last longer than it would have if it was made of typical American upland cotton. In fact, a good set of Egyptian cotton sheets will last you for decades if you take care of it properly. American “upland” cotton will eventually rip and tear due to daily use and washing.

An Investment in Style and Substance

One reason why Egyptian cotton is so popular and expensive stems from the fact that it is simply more fashionable than regular cotton. Regular cotton can certainly be stylish in its own right but Egyptian cotton carries with it a special, almost silk-like feel. This is something that regular American cotton is incapable of replicating, which is part of why it is inferior to Egyptian cotton.

Nobody is saying that American cotton is bad. It is certainly more affordable than its Egyptian counterpart and it is, in some ways, more versatile. American cotton is still a good material. Egyptian cotton, however, brings that added level of luxury and style. It is a truly remarkable fabric that looks great. It is also incredibly comfortable, arguably the most comfortable fabric that money can buy. If you want to invest in your home’s comfort and style then a good set of Egyptian cotton sheets is definitely a good place to start. You will not find better, or more desirable, quality in a set of sheets and you will be astounded at the difference that is made.

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