Egyptian Cotton vs. Cotton Blend

In the world of fabrics there is only one fabric that reigns supreme. That fabric is Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is, in many ways, the ultimate fabric. It is that perfect intersection of style, luxury, and comfort. However, due to some initial sticker shock, there are some who feel that it is not worth the money. They feel that it is overpriced and is nothing more than regular cotton with the word “Egyptian” attached to the front of it. There are many who feel that microfiber, or cotton blends, are superior to Egyptian cotton due to its lower price point. Here is why Egyptian cotton is king compared to cotton blend.

All Natural vs. Synthetic

One of the biggest reasons why Egyptian cotton is far superior to cotton blend is relatively simple: Egyptian cotton is all natural whereas cotton blend uses synthetic materials as a form of filler. Egyptian cotton is created entirely with organic material that is woven together through traditional means. Cotton blend, on the other hand, is created by mixing cotton with synthetic creations that vary in quality. This means that cotton blend is not something that has across-the-board consistency in terms of its creation.

Little Differences Add Up To Big Problems

At a glance there are not that many differences between Egyptian cotton sheets and cotton blend sheets. However, the processes that are used to create them make a huge difference in terms of the level of quality and performance that they have. First of all, cotton blend sheets can either be absorbent or water resistant depending on the process used to create them. When cotton blend is woven in a waffle pattern it becomes absorbent which is not exactly a desirable quality in a set of sheets.

Another problem with Egyptian cotton sheets is that they do not provide that crisp, cool feeling that many people love to have in a set of sheets. This is because Egyptian cotton is a real cotton that breathes while cotton blend actually traps body heat instead of releasing it. While that may sound like a big advantage when talking about bedding to use during the colder winter months, the truth is that having a heat trap for a set of seats is not particularly healthy or comfortable. It is best to have a set of sheets that breathes.

Egyptian cotton is vastly superior to its synthetic counterpart because it is inherently more comfortable and made using better process. However, it does need to be said that you will definitely have to pay more for this superior quality. For this reasons, it is understandable why so many people prefer the cheaper cotton blends. Ultimately it is up to your needs and price range to determine whether or not you are willing to make the investment in Egyptian cotton sheets. If you do decide to purchase them you will made a purchase that doubles as an investment in your comfort that will last for a very long time indeed.

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