Egyptian Cotton Vs. Flannel

When the Winter months start to do their thing and make life a lot colder getting a good night’s sleep becomes just that little bit more difficult.

When it gets colder it is important to pick the bedding that will keep you the warmest and the most comfortable. When choosing the right bedding many people will turn to flannel sheets and bedding in order to get the right amount of warmth and comfort. However there are many who swear by Egyptian cotton.

Here are some of the differences between Egyptian cotton and flannel and which one you should be using on your bed.

How Flannel Is Made

Flannel is a soft, woven type of fabric that is made from a few different types of fibers: cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers.

Whatever it’s made of, it’s typically brushed with a fine metal brush which rubs the fabric until it raises some of the fibers up and creates what is called a “nap”. A nap is the “pile” on a piece of fabric; the word is often used when referring to soft carpet.

The truth is that flannel can be made of Egyptian cotton, but we believe making flannel from it somewhat defeats the purpose of it being extra long staple cotton in the first place.

The nature of how most flannel is produced and made soft “damages” the long fibers that make Egyptian cotton special and is why the best flannel sheets don’t last as long as Egyptian cotton or any brushed cotton material.

Price Difference

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the most obvious: flannel sheets are significantly less expensive than Egyptian cotton sheets. This is because the materials with which flannel sheets are created are far more readily available than that of Egyptian cotton.

The process is also far more simple. Flannel is made from a looser knit and utilizes cotton in its construction. This yields a fabric that is undoubtedly comfortable and definitely worth its relatively low price point.

Egyptian cotton, on the other hand, is significantly more expensive. First of all, Egyptian cotton is created with a type of cotton that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. This is because Egyptian cotton is made from a special type of cotton plant that is a unique product of the hot climate of Egypt.

The result is a cotton plant that has longer threads than that of regular cotton. You are more likely to find that Egyptian cotton is far more durable than flannel.

Comfort Levels

There is no denying: flannel is very comfortable. However, flannel traps heat and does not breath nearly as well as Egyptian cotton does. For this reason flannel is better suited for being used as pajamas instead of bedding material.

The fact of the matter is that flannel keeps you warm in the immediate area of your body but you can quickly find yourself being too hot if you are using it for your bedding.

Egyptian cotton has a luxurious, silky feel to it. However, it does not trap heat. Instead it breathes exceptionally well. This is important because decent airflow can leave you feeling more refreshed instead of feeling like you are sleeping in a heat trap.

If you want the absolute best that your bedding has to offer then the only logical choice is Egyptian cotton.

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